The New Encyclopaedia of Brighton (2010)

Twenty years after the original Encyclopaedia of Brighton by Tim Carder was published, the fascinating, informative and entertaining New Encyclopaedia of Brighton, published in June 2010, written by acclaimed biographer Rose Collis combines the best of the original text, with hundreds of new subjects, starting with ‘Abattoirs’ and ending with ‘Zap Club’.

In between are sections that reflect the town’s rich, diverse and quirky history, as well as the many changes that have occurred in the last two decades. These include major new sections on Black Brighton, Foodie Brighton, Gay Brighton, Green Brighton, Jewish Brighton, Economy, World Wars I and II, Shops and Businesses, past and present, and all the major streets and neighbourhoods.

Essential ‘lists’ include Brighton in Art, Brighton by the Book and Filmed in Brighton and, throughout the main text, are dozens of fascinating one-off facts and quotes about the town.

Copyright: Rose CollisThis edition features hundreds of new photographs, illustrations and maps which reflect nearly five centuries of the changing face of Brighton.


Whether you read it for fun, work, education or reference, The New Encyclopaedia of Brighton is the definitive book about Brighton. 


‘Impeccably researched, the long-awaited ‘New Encyclopaedia of Brighton’ is an unmitigated triumph’       

‘BBS Recommends’, The Argus

‘I can’t recommend it enough to anybody who has any kind of interest in Brighton’s history.’

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‘The New Encyclopaedia of Brighton’ provides a delightful reminder of the city’s unique character’

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