Necrologue: The Diva Book of the Dead & the Undead (2003)

Winner of the 2004 Lambda Award for Best Sci-Fi/Mystery Anthology

Edited by Helen Sandler, this anthology of macabre tales ranges from death on the bus to sex in the graveyard, via self-cannibalization and mind-reading, ghosts, ghouls and vampires, a ouija board and an urn full of ashes.

Contributors include Rose Collis, Stella Duffy, Ali Smith, Frances Gapper, VG Lee and Rosie Lugosi.


 ‘Necrologue is a loosely but carefully tied parcel of stories Although a few do not do the rest justice, the majority are well-written and imaginative.’                                                 

Time Out

‘This is an important and exciting collection of stories on a dark and difficult subject and there are some shining lights in it… Rose Collis’s Proof of Identity, a powerful expression of the anguish experienced by one frustrated in her desire to find her roots. This was the first of many gems’.


‘Necrologue is another sensational offering from the Diva sorority, and one that will have you thinking, questioning and redefining the parameters between life and death. Bloody fantastic!

The Gay Read

Proof of Identity by Rose Collis is a jigsaw puzzle, but there’s no illustrated box to show you what you should end up with.