Daring To Dissent (Cassell 1994)

This collection of essays, edited by Liz Gibbs, examines the full range of lesbian expression and representation in literature, theatre, radio, television, film and photography, reflecting the diversity of lesbian culture.

It takes a broad-based approach, looking beyond traditional literary genres and focusing instead on those which relate more specifically to lesbians, such as crime writing, and the field of performing and visual arts.

Original articles on lesbian poetry theatre, television, radio, film, crime fiction, art and journalism are presented. A combination of UK and US-based performers, writers, producers, activists, theorists, journalists and critics contributed to this contemporary analysis of lesbian culture.

Contributors include Rose Collis, Mary Wings, Barbara Wilson and Nina Rapi.


‘Rose Collis on lesbians and television and Nina Rapi on dykes in theater are particularly good.’

The Advocate

‘Rose Collis makes a gripping contribution, picking out lesbian characters, themes and glancing references from 1980s and 90s TV…doesn’t miss a trick.’               


‘The essays are constructed and presented in an intelligent and palatable fashion. For those who find the onslaught of social analysis too much of a fight, this book is a shrewd survey of attitudes that doesn’t insult the intelligence.’                                                             

Time Out

‘Radical, readable and feisty, this new collection of essays from very different dykes gives us all the courage to insist on our difference and the energy to dissent.’

Patricia Duncker

‘Highly readable and contemporary… moves with glorious assurance between esoteric dyke culture and maisntream media representation, deftly marrying the alternative and the populist. A timely and impressive work.’

 Joanna Briscoe